One later, Faye Swetlik’s parents mourn her death year

One later, Faye Swetlik’s parents mourn her death year

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – February tenth, 2020 is every day the community that is small of will not forget.

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One ago, the Churchill Heights neighborhood was turned upside down as hundreds of law enforcement officers searched the woods, homes, and even trash cans looking for 6-year-old Faye Swetlik, who vanished from her front porch year.

3 days of looking brought a tragic ending. Officials discovered her body in a superficial grave the early morning of February 13. She is said by them neighbor killed her then took their own life.

Faye’s mom, Selena Collins, along with her dad, Chad Swetlik, have invested the year that is last to process just just what took place with their bright and innocent young girl, whilst also trying to help keep her memory alive.

“There had been a decent timeframe that I happened to be refusing to manage exactly what occurred,” said Collins.

Collins wants individuals to keep in mind Faye’s laugh and her compassion and love for other people. But the majority notably, as opposed to concentrating on exactly just how Faye died, her moms and dads want visitors to keep in mind how she lived.

“i must say i do hope in the continuance of Faye’s legacy which you continue being here for starters another and carry on being type,” stated Collins.

Faye’s laughs, smile, and personality that is spunky her very easy to love.

“She had boundless energy from the minute she woke up to the minute she decided to go to rest,” Collins laughed. “She ended up being on ten 100 % associated with time.”

The inquisitive and adventurous 6-year-old liked pets, college, and makeup a great deal.

“It had been a challenge nearly every early morning, whenever she got up to brush her teeth and locks and obtain ready for college that she could perhaps maybe not wear eyeshadow that is purple school,” stated Collins. “So, sometimes we needed to have compromise, and therefore time she wore purple eyeshadow to college because we’re able to not miss out the coach.”

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